Mel’s First Blog

Well, I can’t imagine just over a month ago I was up in Cromer.  Feeling very toasty, in my posh little pad.  I also had the privilege of being hosted by Laura and Johnny.  So, after a great night’s sleep and a good breakfast, Laura picked me up and we headed to Norwich.

We went to the archives in Norwich, it was really exciting.  Robin had left 3 books out to do with Dr Hills’ Casebook which Richard has being cataloguing, doing an awesome job.  Just looking at a few of the pages I felt how sad some of the patients must have been. Then, seeing pictures of before and after… I could have stayed there all day; it was also great to meet Gary who has been involved with the project as well.

On our way back, we visited a massive farm, where they have artisan crafts and an awesome coffee shop.  The farm itself was agriculture; I’m hoping from chatting to Laura that we may have a project start there, which would be a great place to be involved with. 

Our second day was fab, most of the people who were at Laura’s end came to a lovely lunch, it was great to meet up with people I had only seen online. What an awesome time we had, just hearing what they were all up to and involved with, seeing people from our gathering group as well. There were also some who had been on our online Human Henge project and it was great to hear how they had enjoyed it. Sarah what a legacy you have started, well done you.

Our next day we went to Yarmouth.  We all met up at the local library; Emma was running the group; we headed out for a walk and saw some interesting things around the area.  It was sad looking around to see how the place was so run down, you could see how it use to be, but it’s great that we have a group set up there with someone who understands where people are coming from.  On our way back we stopped at one of Laura’s favourite coffee shops and I had this awesome slice of mint-choc-caramel-biscuit!

I had 2 lovely evenings spending time with Johnny and Laura and we had some great conversations about looking forward for the Restoration Trust.  We enjoyed some lovely crab and awesome fish ‘n’ chips.  I couldn’t believe how quickly it was time to come home.  Thanks to you both and also to everyone I met… keep going with all your projects – most of all continue to enjoy them and never forget to laugh.

Your trustee, Mel xx


Me and Georgina meeting