Like Minds Norfolk

Like Minds Norfolk connected excluded people living with mental health issues in North Norfolk, Broadland and Norwich with Norfolk’s amazing landscape, heritage, arts and culture so that their mental wellbeing improved.

It began the month before lockdown in February 2020 and ended in February 2022. In that time the group of around 13 people met 43 times, with 17 in person sessions and 26 on zoom, led by Coordinator David Pullin.

It was an incredibly varied programme with highlights including star gazing at Wiveton Downs, seeing Grayson Perry at Norwich Theatre Royal, mushroom hunting in Bacton Woods, and many other pleasures.

In evaluation, Willow stressed that Like Minds Norfolk helps spread resources across Norfolk. Living in a rural area has shown her how access to services and opportunities wildly varies across a single county, and this is certainly true for Norfolk. She hopes that the Restoration Trust will continue to hold Like Minds Norfolk for a long time.

Rachel highlights that when she is at Like Minds, she feels equal to everyone. Something else that is important about this project is that she is able to have adult conversations and she is not treated like a child which can happen when you have a mental health diagnosis.

From the Like Minds Evaluation Report

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