Human Henge

Human Henge has run twice at Stonehenge, once at Avebury and during lockdown we ran it online. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Wiltshire County Council and English Heritage, repeated iterations have involved around 35 local people in walking with intent in ancient landscapes, along with archaeologists, musicians, artists and support workers.

The online version with another 10 people created a comparable experience, including star gazing and an extraordinary experience of being inside the Stone Circle with duduk master Arsen Petrosyan joining from his studio in Albania.

We were privileged to work with great colleagues on Human Henge. Coordinator, musician and archaeologist Yvette Staelens, Richmond Fellowship manager Daniel O’Donoghue, English Heritage curator Martin Allfrey, archaeologist Professor Tim Darvill, researcher Dr Vanessa Heaslip, evaluation consultant Jane Willis. Musicians Chartwell Dutiro, Alphonse Touna and Maxence des Oiseaux explored the landscape with us.

The website from the projects is still online, although it is no longer updated:

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‘I like the walking and talking and learning all at the same time and being a human being rather than as * said an illness or a condition or a client or an end user y’know I’ve actually been a human being for three months”

From the Wellbeing Research Report

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