Heritage Linkworker pilot project – Interim Evaluation Report

We are officially past the half-way point of our Heritage Linkworker pilot project in Great Yarmouth and Waveney, and we have recently received our Interim Evaluation Report by Heidi Fisher of Make an Impact CIC.

Engagement with the Heritage Linkworker project is having a positive impact on our participants’ health and wellbeing:

✅56% of our participants have noticed an improvement to their mental wellbeing since joining the project
✅18% of participants have reduced their usage of health services
✅28% of participants have reduced heir medication usage
✅50% of participants have been more physically active since joining the project
✅72% of our participants have met new friends through the project
✅50% of participants have socialised with someone they met on the project outside of group activities

The findings clearly demonstrate the value and potential of heritage as a social prescribing intervention for wellbeing and health.

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