Dr Hills Casebook

Dr Hill’s Casebook was a project that combined archives, history, research, approaches to mental health and well-being, creative writing, film, and theatre into one. It sought to provide safe spaces for people to connect, socialise, make friends, share experiences, express themselves, grow their confidence, connect to hope, and realise improved well-being.

About the Project:

Dr Hills’ Casebook is an archives, theatre and wellbeing project aimed at improving the wellbeing of people in South Norfolk living with mental health challenges, and to stimulate public conversation, comparing past and present treatments. It is part of the

Change Minds programme and is a partnership with Norfolk Record Office, UpShoot Theatre Company and South Norfolk and Broadland District Council funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Norfolk Archives and Heritage Foundation.

The project was reconfigured to enable delivery during the pandemic, with most sessions during this period held on Zoom and the planned live theatre production was restructured as a filmed performance screened via YouTube. We published a research resource, Dr Hills’ Casebook Aide memoire, written by volunteer Research Coordinator Richard Johnson

Safe Practice, Impact, Outcomes and Evaluation

All partners and policies meet professionally required standards and due diligence is applied to the formation of partnerships. The project has ethical approval from the University of Dundee with an evaluation methodology that measures participants wellbeing before, immediately at the end of the project and a year later.

Work with Us

Change Minds is like a family in which all those who are part of the project, archivists, staff, and volunteers have the opportunity to learn from each other and take part in creative sessions led by professional facilitators. If you are interested in running your own Change Minds Project, get in touch with the Change Minds Hub.

I’d recommend [Change Minds] to people who are interested in history archives and that kind of research, as well as people who are interested in understanding mental wellness itself and historical context on that. It has been interesting looking at these themes being come out from people from very different backgrounds.” (Change Minds Participant).

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