The Restoration Trust is able to deliver support by designing new projects and bringing together partners with the capacity to deliver them. There are a wide range of alternative projects that heritage partners and mental health service providers could collaborate on, and our products help understand the value of culture therapy and encourage people with mental health challenges to access pro-active support while also helping them engage with heritage assets. We’re always exploring new products that would support partner organisations to take a greater role in the development and delivery of programmes, so if you’re interested in finding out more, read below.

Introductory Workshops

We offer workshops and training to those seeking to develop culture therapy programmes. The workshops include an introduction to culture therapy, who culture therapy is for, the roles and responsibilities of each of the partners, examples of programmes and an overview of the theory of change and target outcomes. The workshops serve as a good entry point for those interested in adopting culture therapy programmes.

Short Culture Therapy Sessions

These are short sessions for those with mental health support needs. Historically we have run longer projects for those with mental health support needs but there is value in offering shorter engagements to extend reach and showcases the benefits of culture therapy to heritage asset owners. These sessions could be delivered digitally or in person depending on the heritage asset.

Programme Design, Delivery & Consultancy Support

We also provide consultancy support to heritage asset owners to help them design culture therapy programmes. This support can include design and delivery of culture therapy programmes, so you’re walked through the whole process to ensure successful outcomes.

Do you have a heritage asset that you would like to use for mental health?

Immersing ourselves in creativity and heritage has well-evidenced health benefits. Heritage assets are a resource for social prescribing, helping health services to refocus early intervention and prevention away from institutions and into communities. We can help you use your heritage asset for mental health, so fill out the form below to find out more!

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