Burgh Castle Almanac


What is Burgh Castle Alamanac?

BCA is a partnership between the Restoration Trust, Homegroup, Norfolk Archaeological Trust and Time and Tide Museum. It is part of Water, Mills and Marshes, a multi-million pound project developed by the Broads Authority to enrich, protect and help people make the most of, unique heritage sites and landscapes in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

BCA will run two year long programmes, starting in March 2018. Each year group will walk monthly at Burgh Castle, exploring different ways to record the upstanding remains of the Roman Fort and the wider site, using a framework of sensory experience, i.e. sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. A fortnight after each Burgh Castle walk, the group will meet at Time and Tide Museum to make creative work reflecting on their experiences at Burgh Castle – for example editing photos/sound/video, writing a project blog/social media.

There will be training for group members and local people in recording plants, birds and butterflies, recording above ground buildings and the wider site, archaeological techniques (e.g. field-walking, molehill survey), practical conservation and management: e.g. ragwort pulling, hay raking.

Sessions end with the traditional Good Friday walk from Great Yarmouth to the Castle, local exhibitions and publication of research and artwork in the Burgh Castle Almanac. Anyone who wants to carry on working with Water Mills and Marshes will be connected to other projects in the continuing programme.

Burgh Castle Alamanac – the story so far
Taster sessions were held in May/June 2016, and our Project Board, which includes people who took part in the taster sessions and partners, has met three times. Suggestions from the taster feedbacks have been incorporated in the main programme. In April we talked about the project on site to Lord Gardiner, Minister for Rural Affairs.

Left: Photography at Time and Tide Museum , Right: Learning creative photography with Jemma Watt


Read our latest Burgh Castle almanac newsletter from December 2017 here.

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