Evaluation Consultant – Contract for Tender

Task – Scaling Up Change Minds Evaluation Consultant

Contract – £14,000

Timescale – March 2022 – April 2024

The Restoration Trust wishes to commission an Evaluation Consultant to evaluate the project in terms of the outputs and outcomes identified in our bid to the National Lottery Heritage Fund. We are looking for an Evaluation Consultant who has a particular interest in the field of cross-sectoral initiatives in culture, health and wellbeing, and has experience of evaluating National Lottery Heritage Fund projects.

The Evaluation Consultant will be commissioned to review delivery of the Scaling Up Change Minds project in terms of achieving the outputs and outcomes described in our application to the Digital Skills for Heritage Connected Heritage fund and in the associated Project Plan. Evaluation will be: beneficial; robust; people-centred; connected (Centre for Cultural Value 2021).

The consultant will carry out preliminary research to establish context, creating a Theory of Change based on this research. This will be the basis for an Evaluation Plan approved by the Project Board, using mixed methods to collect data, including standardised data from local partnerships. Reports at 6 monthly intervals will be action learning resources for all partners. The final report will be part of our ultimate evaluation for the funder.

The following work packages will be evaluated: Project Management; Partnership processes and delivery; Digital Infrastructure; Co-production of Hub Resources; Delivery of Change Minds iterations; Communications and Advocacy; Business Planning.

This will involve reviewing: a) participation of partners, stakeholders, staff, consultants and volunteers; b) public engagement in events and online; c) quality of the Change Minds Hub; d) cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the Change Minds hub.

Outcomes to be assessed are: A wider range of people will be involved; People will have developed skills; People will have learnt about heritage, leading to change in ideas and action; The funded organisation will be more resilient.


Please contact Laura Drysdale, Director of the Restoration Trust, for more information about the project and how to apply, at laura@restorationtrust.org.uk

Deadline Friday 25 February at 5pm

Interviews Friday 11 March on Zoom

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