Paston Footprints Autumn Activities

Paston Footprints’ immersive well-being walks and historical activities are just one of the ways you can look after yourself this season. Their Autumn Activities and Events schedule can be found HERE.

A sunset background of an open field, reads, "New heritage walks: Explore historic Norfolk and uncover the remarkable story of the Paston family."

‘Outside academic circles, the story of the Paston family is largely undiscovered by the general public. Yet their letters and landmarks are the living history of Norfolk. The aim of the National Heritage Lottery funded Paston Footprints project is to empower people to experience and connect with the Paston legacy.

We have created heritage walks and cycle rides to help people explore Norfolk’s historic ‘Paston Country’.  We invite everyone to help us tell the Paston story and bring it to more people by taking part in family activities and creative challenges.

‘The Paston Family, a Norfolk Story’ from Paston Footprints website

Ever wanted to design your own Coat of Arms? Try out their fun virtual Coat of Arms Maker HERE!

A lady dressed in expensive Stuart period clothing looks out across the front garden of Oxnead Hall.
Photo Charlotte Warren, costume by Penny Knee

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