History and Health at Caistor Roman Town

Introducing the start of another exciting project! Exploring Caistor Roman Town is about archaeology, creativity and wellbeing that invites you to be part of a small group of people from Norwich who take this journey together.

You will explore ‘Venta Icenorum’,once the biggest Roman town in East Anglia, with experts from Caistor Roman Project, and get creative with artist Ian Brownlie. It will be interesting, adventurous, safe and fun.

Our first session will be on Wednesday 25th August at 11am until 2pm. We will be holding five fortnightly sessions with Zoom catch-ups on the Wednesdays inbetween.

To find out more, you can visit the Caistor Roman Project website by clicking HERE: https://caistorromanproject.org/

If you’re interested in signing up please contact Darren France, Coordinator, by phone on 07905 517906, or by email at darren@restorationtrust.org.uk.


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