The Return of Happy Times

In September we premiered the Burgh Castle Almanac’s film ‘The Return of Happy Times’, at the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft. This lovely, safe event was a celebration that included project members, their friends and families, as well as Burgh Castle Almanac partners and contributors.

Recorded over the past year, the film – the title is taken from a saying on a Roman coin found by Adrian Charlton at the Fort – illustrates the kind of activities the BCA have been involved in, with members also explaining how the group has benefited them.

The film is directed by Lowestoft-based photographer and filmmaker Julian Claxton, together with members of the group. Julian was interviewed at the premiere by Robert Fairclough.

Please watch it, and share it. It’s hoped that other parts of the country will take up the BCA model, and the film is seen as a major contributing factor towards achieving that aim.

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