Dr Hills’ Casebook recruiting now

Calling mental health service users, mental health providers, social prescriber and community connectors in South Norfolk, Great Yarmouth, Waveney and Norwich!

If you live with mental health challenges, or are supporting anyone in South Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and Waveney or Norwich who is interested in history and creativity, here’s a great new project for participation, community connection and mental wellbeing.

We are enrolling people now, and the project kicks off properly on 22nd July.

It’s well set up for social distancing, and is completely free for participants.

Dr Hills’ Casebook is a Change Minds project, run by the Restoration Trust in partnership with Norfolk Record Office, South Norfolk Council and UpShoot Theatre Company.

There is a film about it and a leaflet below.

Contact our Coordinator Darren France for information:

darrenfrance@talktalk.net. or on mobile 07905517906

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