Conservation for Wellbeing Session 1, London Metropolitan Archives 10th Jan 2020

People came from SMART’s base in Chelsea by the Number 19 bus to LMA at Farringdon. The session began at 11.30, when we met at the Huntley Room, then Caroline de Stefani, Head of the Conservation Studio, took us on a tour of strong rooms with new and old roller racking. Climate is controlled by the building’s thermal mass to be at a regular temperature of 17 degrees, with relative humidity of 45 – 50%. We also went into a film store, where the temperature was lower to reduce relative humidity, trying to slow deterioration of the film stock. We broke for lunch, then went into the Conservation Studio, where Caroline showed us the wet area, demonstrated a humidity chamber for working on parchment, and identified some of the equipment, including guillotines, presses, and a book measure. She introduced us to a colleague, Georgia, who talked about a volume she is starting to work on, and also showed an ‘after’, a re-bound and cleaned set of document. We then looked at 19th Century volumes of documents from St Luke’s Hospital – registers and case books, as well as photographs from Banstead Hospital in the1920s and 30s. Next session will involve making boxes…

C4W forms in the Huntley Room at London Metropolitan Archives – questionnaire, timetable, introduction, consents, enrolment, leaflet
Evelyn in LMA Strong Room with tall roller racking


Tom in LMA Film Store – cold and smells of vinegar – acetic acid off gassing


LMA Conservation Studio Manager Caroline De Stefani describing how parchment is made and conserved


Georgia, LMA conservator, showing a volume that she will be conserving


Looking at St Luke’s Hospital records in the Conservation Studio

One thought on “Conservation for Wellbeing Session 1, London Metropolitan Archives 10th Jan 2020

  1. Great, well done it looks like a fun and interesting day! Frankie

    Frances Halahan FIIC ACR Halahan Associates 38 Kitson Road London SE5 7LF 07767497656

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