Human Henge final gathering at Stonehenge 12th December 2019

Human Henge’s final gathering took place at Stonehenge on 12th December, on the approach to the Winter Solstice.

It was a worthy celebration.The weather was terrible but the craic was the tops.

Credit Steve Woodhouse

A group of 25 people, including members of the Stonehenge and Avebury groups, people from the partners and project board members as well as our wonderful Facilitators Yvette Staelens and Danny O’Donoghue, met at the Stonehenge Education Room at 7.30.

We travelled by bus up to the Stone Circle, where we spent an hour wandering, singing, learning, photographing and sheltering.

Then we were back in the Education Room for hot drinks and bacon/veggie rolls.

The welcome from Stonehenge staff was wonderful. Thank you English Heritage.

It’s 3 years since the first Human Henge group met at Stonehenge in October 2016. There was another group in January 2017, and one at Avebury in January 2018. This gathering was the last of 3 successor meetings.

We didn’t see everyone we know from the programmes at Stonehenge on December 12th, some people aren’t in touch, and some people didn’t feel well enough to come along.

But we learnt great things about how people have used Human Henge. Two people are running wellbeing groups of their own, another is setting up an art and walking group; so already around 40 people who struggle with their mental health and isolation are regularly connecting with others. One person has got a new job involving nature and wellbeing that will have a significant impact on his local community. Two people are at university. One person is volunteering with the National Trust and another with Salisbury Museum. One person is having a baby, another has been baptised, and some people have made enduring friendships, including with members who attended other iterations of the programme.

So its goodbye for now, but not for ever. There will be more gatherings, hopefully in Avebury in the summer. And there will be more Human Henges or similar in other places.

Credit Steve Woodhouse


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