At Change Minds Norwich final celebration session on 29th November 2018 the group, including staff and volunteers, gave anonymous feedback about what they had enjoyed over the 15-session programme.

The comments clustered into three themes: archives, research, learning; creativity; the group, personal development. They illustrate how the elements of the programme intertwine to offer a satisfying experience for the whole group.

Here are some representative comments.


Being introduced to Norfolk Record Office has been fascinating – it was so interesting to see how it all works!

Visit to study centre at Museum – seeing the John Craske embroidery – made me research him further

 I never would have thought I would want to be sent to an asylum! (if Dr Hills was running it!!)

 Although I wasn’t part of the recorded oral history, the conversations around the session were so enlightening and open – I learnt a lot.

 Investigating my person Meeting new people Making my doll


Very interesting enjoyed the making side and the talks

 I really enjoyed the creative activities – the doll sewing and book binding inspired me to have another go at home. Very relaxing

 Learning new skills – bookbinding was particularly good.


Hugely inspiring Fired up “Recovered” Challenge/”Purpose”

Despite remaining silent most of the time, it’s been great to be part of a group

 Getting to know everyone a little more with every session; I have found this, the overarching aspect of the project, to have been particularly inspiring.

 I’m proud of myself for actually managing to attend the sessions and stay there and surprised myself by enjoying some of it despite the anxiety.

Members of the group are talking about Change Minds at a UEA Medical Humanities seminar on 13th February. Contact Laura Drysdale or Dr Harriet Cooper for more information.

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