New Inn Thinkathon

Back in March we held our inaugural Restoration Trust Club meeting at the New Inn in Suffolk. We were privileged to stay in this beautiful Tudor in as part of the Landmark Trust‘s 50 for free scheme. 

Here are some thoughts on the event from Mr BPD, a member of our Human Henge project.

Mystery in a Medieval hall

The call had gone out and the representatives of the five tribes journeyed to the great medieval hall. The elders sought a hidden wisdom one that had been lost to time; but with the birth of the children of stone, clues to the wisdom of existence had been revealed.

The elders had only known a wisdom that could transform lives, but like all things of value a journey of discovery must take place. A journey that would transform mortal men and women into heroes and legends’.

After feasting and a visit to the realm of the dragons and the dead the triad counsels were formed and many voice became five…


OK enough drama. The Restoration Trust Club was set up to look at how services provided by the Restoration Trust to people with mental illness could be improved. The main issue with mental health services is the ending; most services are time limited 10 to 12 weeks / sessions so just as you start to settle in its time to face the ending.

The endings can be traumatic for many with mental health issues and if there was a way of not ending a project the trauma could be eliminated. But that would be impractical and costly. I have been in contact with mental health services on and off for the last 36 years and only come across 1 project that came close to building peer to peer support and friendship.

Peer to peer support and friendship is the key. Luckily, I was a member of group 2 of Human Henge and something unique happened, we became a peer to peer support network with social gatherings. The funny thing is none of us know how it happened, but we all know it is valuable as a support and friendship and social activities.

In some way the conference was looking at what happened with group 2 and where looking at how it could be recreated along with other ideas to increase service user involvement. We came up with lots of ideas including an annual music event (Resto Fest!), several booked socials get togethers spaced over a year.

It is important to encourage peer to peer support because great benefits can be achieved. I can only speak of the benefits I have experienced and seen since being part of Human Henge. I have got out more and socialised, I have invited people to my home, I have visited others and I have set up my own group. These are major things for me being that I have Avoidance Personality as a major part of my BPD.

It’s nice to see that the Restoration Trust is taking a very active role in improving the end results of mental health service and is engaging service users at every level of the process. One day mental health services will work more holistically with levels of support including those discharged who just need a group of local friends who share a commonality.

The Restoration Trust Club will go one step to creating a peer to peer network that will help improve the lives of those with poor mental health.

Groups Involved

Human Henge

Change Minds

Culture Quest

Burgh Castle Almanac


Restoration Trust


Authors Resource

Name Mr BPD


About Author I have Borderline Personality Disorder and as a writer and poet I explore my madness through the creative arts. I have a personal belief that even in darkness light exists and it is a personal responsibility to always seek the light and I find the light in creating something.

I also run TUG Trowbridge “service” Users Group a peer to peer social group on Mondays for anyone how has experienced mental illness



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