Eastern Daily Press photos

The EDP have kindly given us permission to use these photos from two great stories about Restoration Trust projects.

The Change Minds quilt initiated by Georgina Brabender, is going to be displayed in our pop-up show at Norfolk Record Office.

Change Minds group at Norfolk Records Office. Janice Hubbard, left, and Georgina Brabender with the groups needlework. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Culture Quest music appreciation group continues to listen together at Norwich Arts Centre. Here’s the latest playlist (18/07/2016):

  • ‘Who’s zoomin’ who’ Aretha Franklin.’
  • ‘Simon’s Jump up mix.’
  • ‘Living on a Prayer’ Bon Jovi.
  • ‘Libra Me’ Lars Danielsson.
  • ‘Freeway of Love’ Aretha Franklin.
  • ‘Simon’s Jungle Mix.’
  • ‘Sell Out’ Reel Big Fish.
  • ‘Reconsider’ XXX (Jamies mix.)
Culture Quest at Norwich Arts Centre. Dave Pullin leading the group. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

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