Flora-Cooper2One  Change Minds participant is researching the story of Flora Cooper, a 23-year old dressmaker from Hingham who was admitted to Norfolk Lunatic Asylum on 7th August 1882. Working with the poet Martin Figura, she responded to the case record with this poem.



A few days after Flora’s marriage
she became very unnatural in her manner.
Her husband has not since been heard of.

Through necrosis she is rotting from her roots.
She has saved people in her night ramblings,
was going to be married again.

I’m fixed to the earth by needles, fixed
to the earth by Venlefaxine. There is sky
and the damp give of the ground.

Flora has a mouthful of needles.
She is making dresses
in the blue shape of us.

In the Spring, we’ll stand
face the low sun and the breeze,
promenade ourselves home.

Janice Hubbard


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