Spring update

Change Minds

with Together for Mental Wellbeing in North Norfolk and Norfolk Record Office

Our term of sessions at Belfry Arts Centre in Overstrand has just ended with a day long poetry and book-making workshop, fuelled by lunch and cake and led by poet Martin Figura and artist Nora Gaston.


One person said: ‘I love the art part. It’s really good to socialise rather than be tucked away under the duvet.’

Culture Quest

with Julian Support and Norwich Arts Centre

“This is a group. It’s a good place to come, you bring a track and it’s nice to share and play it.” 10 sessions at Norwich Arts Centre with 20 more to come, the music appreciation groups have an eclectic playlist. Here’s one from 14th March.

  1. ‘Swing Yella’ Baba Maal.
  2. ‘Its my life’ Talk, Talk.
  3. ‘Spring 1’ Vivaldi Recomposed by Max Richter.
  4. ‘The Sorcerers Apprentice.’ Dukas. Fantasia Soundtrack.
  5. ‘Life is what you make it.’ Talk Talk.
  6. Spring 2’ Vivaldi Recomposed by Max Richter
  7. ‘The Tunnel of Love’ Dire Straits

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