Change Minds underway

Change Minds, our HLF funded partnership with Norfolk Record Office and Together for Mental Wellbeing in North Norfolk, got properly underway today. It was our first session with participants and support workers at Norfolk Record Office.

A busy morning of introductions to Change Minds began with Gary Tuson, the County Archivist, who led lbehind the scenes at NRO, Vicky Scaife introduced our evaluation questionnaire, and best of all, we all had a good look at the 19th Century Case Books at the heart of the project. IMG_0819

Here’s Helen Sabberton, our Coordinator, looking at one of the books we have chosen to focus on for the project – there are two consecutive books being digitised as part of Change Minds, from 1882 and 1883. IMG_0823

….Wheeling the case books down the exhibition corridor at NRO, where a new show about Edith Cavell, who was shot 100 years ago in Belgium.IMG_0827

And here the Case Books are back in the safe haven of the NRO Search Room, ready to be brought out again for our next session in two weeks time.IMG_0835

2 thoughts on “Change Minds underway

  1. What an exciting and interesting project. The historian in me is itching to get my hands on those books! Good luck to everyone involved with it.

    1. Glenys, that itch must be scratched! Archives are the most accessible historic object, apart from deep archaeology. They’re for everyone, so come and look, touch, smell them them in the flesh. Or you can see them online any minute now…..

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