Board meeting 25/26 Aprll 2015

l-r, Sara Lunt, Johnny Tipler, Laura Drysdale, Frances Halahan, Glenys Watt, Nic Allen, Ben Curran. Missing are Kazuko Morohashi and Danny Whatmough.

Board meeting

We moved onto another level at our latest board meeting, our first as a registered charity. There was some very good news – which we can’t quite share – and we agreed our intentions for the next 12 months. With input from the two trustees who couldn’t be there in person, and kept to the mark by Glenys’ chairing, we agreed that by April 2016 we will have:

  • our own funding in place for two more culture therapy projects;
  • an archives culture therapy template to spread the Changing Minds model
  • a needs assessment based on consulting participants and stakeholders
  • a new business plan
  • the staff, processes and office space we need.


After the meeting, Sara spoke about Stonehenge and her experience of curating the exhibition in the new visitor centre. She talked about the finds, about selecting what to show in the exhibition, developing the story, agreements to borrow objects from local museums, and about aligning the story between the museums involved. She told us about the process of working with archaeologists, architects, building contractors etc to make the visitor centre and access route to the circle. She described the likely prehistoric building phases, wooden henges, the sweep of stone building flowing from Orkney to Stonehenge, the uses of Sarsen and Bluestone, and said that the trilithon form of the inner ring was recognized everywhere she travelled, from Peru to India. And much more. It was fascinating, illuminating.


On Sunday we visited Stonehenge, saw the excellent exhibition and the replica Neolithic huts. Then we walked to the stones across the fields, along the Cursus and past the woods at Fargo.

Johnny, Nic and Glenys, in rather different weather…..

The route now takes you fairly close to the circle, and between the circle and the Heel Stone.

Nic and Nicky Allen, Ben, Sara, Johnny and Percy

We gathered again in the café, where Sara answered more questions, and opened top souvenir, the Stonehenge snow globe….

Sara takes on packaging…..
…..and wins.

….before we all left for home.

We are grateful to Sara for her insight and scholarship, which greatly enriched the whole experience. There is such potential at Stonehenge and other archaeological sites for Restoration Trust projects (10 week Cognitive Cultural Therapy courses?)  and we plan to develop ideas with English Heritage and Norfolk Archaeology Trust.

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