Our Red Thread and Purpose


We had an excellent board meeting on 8th November and clarified our Red Thread, the who, what, how and above all why of what we do.

We help people with mental ill health by cultural engagement; we call it culture therapy.



Our purpose is expressed in formal language as it has legal force in terms of our registration as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). It guides us in making strategic and operational choices.

Our purpose is the promotion of social inclusion for public benefit among marginalised people, in particular those who suffer or are at risk of mental ill-health, by therapeutic engagement with the arts, culture and heritage. We do this by the following means.
1. Projects that encourage people to flourish through therapeutic cultural engagement.
2. Research into the wellbeing and other benefits of therapeutic cultural engagement in order to show what works.
3. Disseminating information about the wellbeing and other benefits of therapeutic cultural engagement.
4. Improving equal opportunities for therapeutic cultural engagement.
5. Any other related purpose approved by a quorum of trustees.

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