All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics report talks the talk….

Published on 11th September, Wellbeing in 4 policy areas APPG report talks the talk, but will it walk the walk?

Recommendations that are especially pertinent to us are:

4. In the light of evidence on the links between the arts and health, central government (DCMS, the Department of Health and the Department for Communities and Local Government) should work with relevant agencies, including Arts Council England and PHE, to maximise the beneficial impact on wellbeing of available budgets.…..

5. Government should seek to ensure that the benefits of arts spending reach those with the lowest wellbeing, including communities with high deprivation.

Our application to Arts Council England for Culture Quest describes it as:

A transformational programme of 30 weekly music and art appreciation groups involving up to 30 people with complex mental health needs living in 24/7 supported housing in Norwich.

A Restoration Trust and Julian Support partnership, CQ empowers very disadvantaged people to share and explore cultural passions with each other and with world class scholars, artists and performers.

Aiming towards deeper engagement in a planned successor programme, they overcome the psychological and physical constraints imposed by ill health and exclusion, try excellent regional cultural resources and play with digital media, connecting with the wider world within a safe, professional structure.

Economical wellbeing at just £15k. Come on ACE, walk the walk with the Restoration Trust.

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